Captains Nathan Asistin and Cory Kawaguchi, 1-16-20

A Great Match

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This home meet was just incredibly great and worth the time to relive some of the greatness.  

great: /ɡrāt/  adjective: of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.


The Issaquah High stands were filled with a great cheering section: the team’s parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, girlfriends, family friends, wrestler’s friends, long-standing team friends, team alumni and their family, and coaches’ wives.  Thank you for supporting our wrestlers and motivating some incredible, (OK let’s just be honest with the adjectives) show-off matches.  The wrestlers outdid themselves!


We won both matches which puts us 11-0 overall (5-0 in league).  Great job, Eagles.   

60-12 win over Juanita

64-18 win over Lake Washington


All the seniors got to wrestle a Varsity match.  Spots 1 and 2 in the 152# weight class have been held by junior Declan Treacy and senior Grant Strassell respectively.  Though Declan Treacy has successfully defended his #1 spot against Grant Strassell’s challenges, Declan deferred his Varsity match to Grant Strassell so Grant could wrestle during his senior night.  That’s pretty great of Declan, if you ask me!


BRENNEN LEE is back competing on the mats.  Brennen, Varsity @ 126#, has been recovering from an injury he suffered during the Liberty Jamboree at the first of the season.  He wrestled outstanding tonight; what a great wrestler to be able to compete so well without the training of season matches.  Welcome back Brennen!


Two of the schools hosted an exhibition match for two boys who were differently abled.  Some people say they have special needs, but honestly, I’d have been the one with a special need of a stretcher if either of them had wrestled me.  

Our Issaquah team picked a favorite wrestler and cheered him on.  With each roar from the team, the young man became more and more energized until finally he won his match.  By then, he was fully animated, running around the mat flexing his biceps in full excitement as if to show us all, “I did it! I did it!”  He then ran to our team as they still cheered his win and approached our coaches with a great big bear hug.  

It was one of those moments in life when you know without doubt: I have been part of something greatly significant!


The IHS wrestling team celebrated their seniors at this match (see the Senior Night post and photos).  As graduation nears, this is the first senior celebration for these boys, thanks to our great Coach Hyatt.

Tiffany Treacy designed and printed keepsake programs featuring each of our senior wrestlers, complete with cute baby pictures and wisdom from the wrestlers.  Each senior was recognized and then honored their parent/s with an embrace and lovely yellow roses. The team hung around long after the matches were finished, talking and snapping more and more pictures.  Even Coach Hyatt lingered.  With moist eyes, the parents soaked in the bittersweet reality: our baby boys are now senior boys who are becoming great men.


Though this evening of greatness did eventually come to an end, I doubt our Issaquah Wrestling Team is done walking in greatness. 

“People do not decide to become great.  They decide to accomplish great things.”  (inspirational quote modified for this great team)

A few snapshots of the team and our seniors:

Significant moments for our hearts grow larger.


Captain Cory Kawaguchi, Varsity 182#


Captain Carson Tanner, Varsity 138#  

Senior Kyle Huard, Varsity 145#


Captain Brennen Lee wrestling again.  Varsity 126#  

Captain Nathan Asistin, Varsity 132#


Captain Grant Strassell, J/V 152#


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