J/V Bella Campbell 01/04/20

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Everett Classic Tournament

Today was just plain fun!  The wrestlers wrestled (of course), supported, cheered and razzed each other.  The coaches… well, they coached a lot and gave the occasional encouragement after a disappointing match.  The parents hauled ice chests and snacks to the bleachers and then cheered, snapped pictures and chatted. Witecki ate a banana, peel and all (what else you gonna do bored out of your mind waiting for an injury to heal?!).

The team even “oh-ed” and “no-ed” for Carson Tanner as they watched him via live feed compete his final match to win 4th place at the grueling 2-day Gut Check competition.  And though the team didn’t place very high overall at this year’s Everett Classic, our J/V earned two first place medals and other individual wrestlers earned medals which brought huge smiles!

What more can I say? It was a very good day!!


Mason Stewart: 1st Place J/V

 Jake Law: 1st Place J/V B

Zach McKee: 2nd Place J/V B

Nick Hunter: 2nd Place J/V 

Brady Malone: 4th Place V

Victor Marcenac: 4th Place V

Grant Strassell: 5th Place J/V

Bella Campbell: 6th Place J/V

Cory Kawaguchi: 6th Place V

Declan Treacy: 6th Place V


J/V Jake Law taking first place with a solid pin. 01/04/20

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Everett Classic 1-4-20

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