Senior Varsity Kyle Huard: let’s just say Kyle is incredibly flexible!  12-12-19


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Congratulations Varsity Eagle Wrestlers on a great night of wrestling!

Nathan Asistin: PIN

Carson Tanner: PIN

Kyle Huard: PIN

Declan Treacy: PIN

Grant Strassell: PIN

Victor Marcenac: PIN

Brady Malone: PIN

Alex Witecki: PIN

 Zach Mayes: PIN


J/V and our Girl’s Team also worked hard and accomplished both pins and wins.

Before the match, our team helped referee the visiting middle school team matches.  Our experienced wrestlers exhibited great leadership as they mingled with the younger wrestlers.  Then the IMS team stuck around for the Varsity match and cheered on their old classmates.  


Thank you parents, Wendy Campbell, Elisabeth Marcenac, Eric Malone, Ted Mularoni, and Amy Hess for making the concessions possible tonight.  We earned our Boosters donation! 

Finally, the Varsity team hits the road tomorrow to head to the annual Battle at the Border in Blaine.  We’re hoping for more experience playing a different league… and yes, PINS are always great to bring home!  Go Eagles! 

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